Share any type of data files across different operating systems without compatibility or speed concerns

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Easily share files between different devices. is a program that allows information to be easily exchanged between various devices, like computers, tablets and smartphones. It lets you share files quickly and easily, regardless of which operating system you're using. No cables are needed and the software supports a wide range of devices. With, you can transfer files like images, contacts, documents, software, movies and more.

Works With Any Computer or Mobile Device

One of the main advantages of using is that it's truly a cross-platform file sharing solution. The developers have released versions of the app for Windows, macOS, Windows Phone, Android and iOS. You can now exchange information freely between all of your devices, regardless of which operating system they're running. This makes file sharing a lot easier and eliminates many compatibility problems.

Share Files With No Limitations doesn't require that you connect the devices together with a data cable and doesn't use your Internet connection either. It works by creating a temporary Wi-Fi network that the two devices can use to share data. This method of transferring files is up to 200 times faster when compared to using Bluetooth.

With, there are no limits to the number of files you can share, their type or their size. This makes the app an excellent choice if you want to share entire folders or if you want to move a large file, such as a movie, from your computer to a mobile device. The files are exchanged securely over a private and encrypted Wi-Fi hotspot created by the software. In order to ensure maximum speed and connection reliability, the two devices should be within a few meters of each other.

Overall, is a useful tool if you want to exchange information between two devices running different operating systems. It's quite reliable, however a few users have reported bugs that make the Wi-Fi connection drop or prevent files from being shared properly. However, exiting the software and reestablishing the connection between the two devices seems to fix most issues. The developers encourage users to connect them with feedback if they experience problems using the app. They also release updates on a regular basis, so reported issues are likely to be fixed in an upcoming update.


  • Allows files to be shared between devices running different operating systems
  • Doesn't use your Internet connection
  • Transfers files securely and privately


  • Has a few glitches and bugs that may interfere with functionality

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